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Uncovering the chimneys

· Exploring is fun! *says TV shows where everything works out perfectly* ·

We’re *almost* finished with the upstairs bathroom – we still need to paint the trim and door and get a doorknob, and we’re waiting for the backordered (the most-used word for renovators during Covid) curtain rod to hang the more decorative shower curtain – so I’ll be posting that soon. I hope you liked the…

Holy Cats, a Resurrected Trend is Expensive

· Where I moan about decorative costs, which I recognize is a privilege. ·

As I’ve mentioned before, our first priority for the farmhouse was getting the upstairs updated as much as possible so the kids feel at home. I mean, we moved from private bathrooms for each kid and Randy and my primary bathroom (with heated floors): To literally all four of us sharing this: The lone upstairs…

Progress in the tween room

· Can a parent ever make a 12 year old happy? ·

When we first began talking about the real possibility of getting this farmhouse, my 12 year old son, Eli, was not impressed. Driving home after looking around the property one day, Randy asked him what he thought. “I gotta say,” he replied, “I’m going to make sure my wife doesn’t like old homes before I…