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Kitchen Design

· Designing function and form for the most important room in the house ·

It may not seem like it, but we’re moving (slowly) along in the farmhouse renovation. You know, the HGTV person in me wants to complete projects around the house myself (all while wearing a smile on my face and a cute outfit that never gets stained or ruined). The reality of my life is that…

Saying Goodbye to Landscaping

· You can have too much of a good thing. ·

When we first purchased the house, Teresa Ramsey, Joe’s wife, wrote historical notes about the farmstead for us, using family records and conversations with family members. In it, she wrote about the landscaping: “Driveway coming into the house – you will notice there are some steps out front leading right off the drive.  It was…

Demo day 1

· Pulling up carpet is a nasty job but it's sometimes worth it. ·

There’s something super cathartic about ripping out carpet – instant gratification really. I mean, we went from this: To this: (ignore the dogs. they are THE MOST unhelpful in this process.) But yes, that is old growth heart pine you see there. Old growth heart pine is at least 200-500 years old and doesn’t exist…

House Plans

· Getting mechanical is important sometimes. ·

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that contractors and subs love you so much more when you have actual house plans drawn up. When we knew we might be acquiring the property, I immediately began obsessing thinking about the renovation/restoration of the house. I use those terms interchangeably because, while the house needs some updating, I…