The subtitle to this website should be "Winging it as I Go" - because I truly am.

But I love history. And I have some experience. I’ve fully renovated two kitchens and one 1973-era house (with the help of my husband, late father and some patient contractors and subs).

And I LOVE this farmhouse. While some desire new construction, I’ve always been drawn to the romance of old homes. Like many others who live in this beautiful region of old mountains and perfectly clear waters, I’ve driven by this place for years and have always loved the character, the setting and the CHIMNEYS. Oh, the chimneys. And I want to do this restoration right. I want to love this house back to its glory – with a few modern updates that any high maintenance woman needs – all while keeping the essence of who farmhouse really is.

Come on the journey with me. I’m sure I’ll make mistakes, there will be frustrations, but it will be FUN!