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· Pulling up carpet is a nasty job but it's sometimes worth it. ·

Oct, 29, 2021

There’s something super cathartic about ripping out carpet – instant gratification really. I mean, we went from this:

To this:

(ignore the dogs. they are THE MOST unhelpful in this process.)

But yes, that is old growth heart pine you see there. Old growth heart pine is at least 200-500 years old and doesn’t exist in forests anymore. Look closely, and you can’t even see many knots – something very common in new pine floors. The dining room has oak floors, but the other downstairs rooms in the old section of the house all have this old growth heart pine (by the way, ladies, if you want to impress a man, have this kind of flooring in your home – every guy who has walked in this house has died a bit when they see it).

We even got the kids involved:

Kate is helpful:

Eli, not as much:


We have since gotten these floors sanded and lacquered for a natural look to let them darken on their own as they age. Photos to come soon.

October 27, 2021


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    November 11, 2021

    So much work but I also see love.

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      November 16, 2021

      Love and some cussing. 🙂

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